TalkWorlds advanced commands and options

As well as the basic text chatting with other users TalkWorld also contains the following additional features. When you feel confident with the basic commands move onto these. Also included here are how to set up your copy of TalkWorld with your preferences.

The map. To help you navigate around TalkWorld there is a full screen map available. To access it click on the 'map' icon. The map will show yourself in one colour, the other users in another colour and the names of the different areas. If you move around using the keys you will see your arrow moving too, (you cannot use the mouse to move when in map mode.) This will help you head for the busier areas if you want to. To turn the map off click on its icon again.

Teleporting. Walking around TalkWorld is fun but it can take a while to cross the map using the this method. For this reason we have included the ability to teleport from one place to another, you simply disappear and immediately reappear at your destination. You can use this to move instantly to the area of your choice or you can teleport straight to another user. There are a various ways to teleport yourself. Here are the main ones; click on the 'teleport' icon then click on the area of choice and click 'OK.' Or click on the 'who?' icons, select the person to teleport to and push the button marked 'teleport to.'

Character Description. A new feature of TalkWorld is the character description. To access this click on 'edit' and 'description.' Your description is basically a few lines of text that is usually used to tell people a little about yourself or subjects that you're interested in chatting about.

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