TalkWorld basic commands

This section is intended to be a basic guide to TalkWorld, it will teach you to move around and type messages to the people around you. Once you feel confident with these basics or, if you are familiar with other chat programs then you may want to move on to part 4.

Using TalkWorld for the first time. Most of TalkWorld is controlled by the mouse. In this guide "click the mouse" refers to a single click of the left button unless otherwise stated. If you push the right button then usually a standard window will pop up with the most useful commands depending on where the pointer is positioned at that time.

When TalkWorld has loaded you will see a main window showing your view of the world (see below.) The icons above this are shortcuts for the most common menu commands and there are miscellaneous windows down the right hand side. To see what the icons actually do simply place the mouse pointer over them for a few seconds and their name will pop up.

The TalkWorld Window.

The pictures on the right of the main view display important information. The computer icon will animate when you are receiving updates from the TalkWorld server. If it stops then you may have a bad connection. Next to this is the ear icon. This will flash if someone is trying to speak out loud to you. Next is a compass. Finally, the picture of the face is used to change your characters mood. If you right click on the face you can choose whether your character is happy, sad, etc. There is more on this on the next page.

Below the main view window is the text window. This is where you will type your messages to other users and other users messages will also appear here. If you wish to say something simply type it out on the keyboard exactly like you would with any word processor and push return. The message will appear next to your name immediately but may take a few seconds to arrive on other users machines (this is called 'lag',) the same is true if somebody else says anything to you.

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