Setting your characters design.

When TalkWorld loads up you will be presented with a 'quick login screen.' If this is the first time you have used TalkWorld then you should click on the 'change' button to be taken to the character editor screen (see below). If your user name is already in the quick login window because you have used TalkWorld before then click on the 'continue' button to enter TalkWorld.

Click on the 'character editor' icon and you will be presented with the 'character editor' screen. Here registered users can customize their character's name and appearance. If you have not registered then simply click the 'OK' button to be logged in as a guest. You will not be able to enter a name or change your appearance. Click here to find out how to register.

If you are a registered user enter the name and password that you selected in the appropriate boxes. Note that you TalkWorld name and password are case sensitive. Now you can select the sex of your character and cycle through the outfits until you are satisfied. If you put a check mark in the 'remember name and password' box then TalkWorld will save your name, password, appearance and location when you log off and use these settings next time you log back on. Using this option is not recomended if other people have accsess to your P.C. Remember, the name and appearance you choose will tell other users a lot about you, so if you want to have a serious political discussion it's no good calling yourself "mr. axe head!"

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