An introduction to TalkWorld

Welcome to the help file for TalkWorld. We have tried to keep this document simple and avoid using technical jargon.

You may want print this document out so that it is easy to consult should you have difficulty whilst on-line (Note that these help pages are loading from your computers hard disk so feel free to leave your browser running simultaneously with TalkWorld.).

The help guide is broken down into the sections listed on the left, click on a link in the frame on the left to jump straight to that page or read through section by section using the links at the bottom of each page.


TalkWorld is a 'virtual chat environment,' it is a program that allows you to use the Internet to talk to other users of TalkWorld from anywhere on Earth. When you join TalkWorld you will be represented in a visual form by a computer sprite, sometimes called your 'character' or 'avatar'. Providing you have registered the appearance of your character can be set by you. TalkWorld includes a large range of different Male and Female sections that you can put together to create your own personalized design. Non registered users all have identical appearances.

One of the advantages of chat programs is that they are extremely cheap to use. For instance an hour spent talking to someone internationally by telephone would cost you a large amount of money even at the cheapest rate. However because using the Internet is always at local phone rates the same international conversation will cost next to nothing. Most chat programs will allow you to type messages to other users but this can be slow so TalkWorld allows you to actually speak to other users using your microphone and speakers, just as if you were speaking on the telephone.

Talkworld is designed to represent a small town. Because it is a graphical environment it is easier to use than text only chat programs and can be interesting to explore even when there are only a few users on-line. You can see other users moving around, you can walk into the buildings, in short your character can do most of the things you can do in reality.

Another advantage TalkWorld has over older chat programs is that it allows you to send e-mails to other registered users which they can pick up next time they are on-line, or leave messages on notice boards that are accessible to everyone.

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