Installing TalkWorld

Below is the process you need to follow to install TalkWorld onto your hard disk. The procedure is written for beginners so experienced computer users should be able to move quickly through this section. For all you beginners reading this, don't worry if it seems complicated, just follow the instructions through one by one and you'll be fine.

First of all if you have not already done so you will need to download the TalkWorld program from our web site. It is available from our download page here.

If you do not have Microsoft's Direct X drivers loaded on your machine you will need to install them before using TalkWorld. When you have downloaded them from here simply double click on the Direct X icon to begin installation. Follow the installation programs instructions and restart your machine when it asks you to.

As well as the Direct Xdrivers TalkWorld needs to run you may need an unzip program to extract the TalkWorld archive to your hard disk. If youalready have an unzip program such as Pkunzip then you should extract the TalkWorld archive to the temporary directory on your computer. If you do not have an unzip program then download Winzip from here. When Winzip has finished downloading you only need to double click on it and follow its instructions to install it.

To install TalkWorld make sure that you do not have any other programs running on your machine then double click on the 'setup' icon that will have appeared when you extracted the archive. Now all you have to do is let the program guide you through. It will install itself and create an icon on the windows 'start' button. Simply click on the TalkWorld icon to begin chatting.

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