TalkWorlds message functions

Here are the guides to use TalkWorlds message functions.

TalkWorld e-mail. This facility allows registered users to send each other e-mails exactly as you would send an e-mail to anyone on the Internet. The TalkWorld server stores the e-mails until the user next logs on and checks for messages, so it can be a useful way of communicating if timing makes it difficult to meet.

To send an e-mail click on the white envelope icon. There are various options down the right hand side but their use should be straight forward. The majority of the commands are the same as the ones used by the message boards. Just write the e-mail exactly as you would write any other. When you log on the server automatically checks if there are any messages waiting for you.

The forums. As well as chatting and sending e-mails to other users on-line you have a third option; the Message Boards. The message boards allow users to type or speak a message similar to an e-mail but instead of going to an individual the message is pasted on the board where everyone who wants to can read or listen to it.

There is a message board in each of the major areas of TalkWorld and they are based on appropriate subjects for that area, e.g. religion for the Church. To access the message boards click on the red book icon above the main window. The subjects for the area you are in will load up in the window on the left, if you are not actually in an area with a message board you will be informed of this. The message boards tend to be in the large, named buildings on the map so head for one of those.

A closed book icon on the message board shows that there are messages in that subject that you have not read or listened to. Click on the book to open it. When you have read a message the book icon will remain open until you quit TalkWorld. An question mark icon represents a speech message that someone has left, and it will change to an exclamation mark when you have listened to it. Instead of writing an original message users can also reply to a message that was written previously, Replies will appear under the original message as will replies to the reply, etc.

To post a message click on the subject you want to place it under and click the appropriate button, you will be given the choice of leaving a text or vocal message. Alternatively by clicking on a message that somebody else has left you can post a reply to that message. Your message will then be posted on the board along with your name. Your message will remain on the board for around two months.

Note that although the message boards are divided up into different themes and subjects these are just guides, anyone can put messages about anything they like on the boards.

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