The TalkWorld Mouse

The majority of your time in TalkWorld you will be using the left mouse button to select options or, if the mouse is in the main window, to move yourself around. However, the right mouse button is also used in TalkWorld, usually to bring up small context sensitive menus. Depending on where the mouse pointer is positioned when you click the right button, the window that appears will have a variety of different choices on it. These are explained below.

Emote - Clicking on this will persent you with a list of activities that your character can perform in TalkWorld. Some can be used on other people and some on yourself. Experiment with them to see which are which.

Teleport to - This will either teleport you to a person if you used the right mouse button on the 'who?' screen or a place if you used it on the 'teleport' window.

Mail to - Clicking this will allow you to send a text or speech message to the person that you had the mouse cursor over when you pushed the right button.

Whisper to - This will put you into 'whisper to' mode with the user that you clicked on which means that anything you say will only go to that person wherever they go in TalkWorld. To cancel this mode click on either the 'talk' or 'shout' buttons.

Add to whisper list - This is similar to the 'whisper to' option above but instead of your messages only going to one person, you can specify up to four people who will all receive your messages until you cancel this mode.

Veiw description - This will allow to view the description of whichever user you selected.

Ignore - By selecting a user and then clicking this you are informing the server that you no longer want to hear any messages that user sends until you cancel he ignore command by selecting this option again.

Ping - Ping is a technical command that allows you to measure how quickly the user you selected is receiving updates form the TalkWorld server. The longer the ping takes the worse that persons connection is.

Clear - Use this command on the text window to delete all of the text that is there. New text will continue appearing as normal.

Save history - Use this command on the text window to save all of the text that you have sent or received in your current TalkWorld session to a text file. You will be asked to specify the name and location of the text file.

Font type - TalkWorld has a choice of three different fonts for text to appear in. Use this command on the text window to specify the font of your choice.

Font size - Used with the option above this allows you to specify the size of the text that you see as well as its style.

Add - This option is used with the one below to add your own teleport points to the ones that TalkWorld has built in. If you find something interesting you can use this button to add a teleport point there in order to make it easier to return to it. When you create a teleport point you will need to specify a name for it. See later for details on teleporting.

Delete - Use this option with the one above to remove teleport points that you have created. Note that you cannot remove TalkWorlds built in teleport points.

Sound on/off - This option will simply turn all of TalkWorlds sound effects on or off until clicked again.

Button record/Auto record - This can be found be clicking on the two small icons on the right of the TalkWorld screen. The option is for use with a microphone. It sets whether your microphone is activated to send speech when you click on the mic icon (button record) or by the microphones recording threshold (auto record.) See the sound options page for more details on these choices.

Expression (normal/happy/sad) - This is a shortcut that allows you to quickly choose your characters facial expression.

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