TalkWorld F.A.Q.
(Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are the answers to the questions we are commonly asked regarding TalkWorld.

Q "when I am using TalkWorld I can hear other users talking to me but I can't say anything back."
A To be able to speak out loud in TalkWorld you must be a registered user. Unregistered 'Guests' can hear other people speaking but can only reply by typing messages. For more information on registering click here. If you are registered but still cannot speak check your microphone is plugged in and working properly using another program, e.g. Text Assist or Windows Sound Recorder. Then try clicking, and holding the mouse button down on the microphone icon. At the bottom of the TalkWorld screen it should say "Sending speech to area." Now say something and then let go of the icon to hear it repeated. Also see the sound page for more information.

Q "The speech in TalkWorld is mangled or messy."
A TalkWorld supports both full and half duplex sound cards, however half duplex cards may have problems sending and receiving speech simultaneously. Some cards claim to be full duplex but do not support all the features of being so, this can cause TalkWorld some problems. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about this problem at the moment. Also see the sound page for more information..

Q "When I have TalkWorld running the rest of the programs on my machines work extremely slowly or stop working altogether."
A TalkWorld is designed to multi-task with other programs but only when it is minimised. If TalkWorld is still on screen it continues to receive data from the server which can severely hamper the performance of your other programs. When you minimise TalkWorld it stops receiving server data and shouldn't effect your computers performance at all.

Q "TalkWorld keeps crashing suddenly whilst I am using it."
A TalkWorld will crash if your computer is running low on virtual memory. This will happen if you had a lot of applications running before starting TalkWorld and you are low on hard disk space. If this is a problem try restarting your machine to clear out it's memory before attempting to run TalkWorld, or make sure you have 10mb free space left on your hard drive. You can find out if you do have enough space by double clicking on 'My computer' then single click on your 'C:\ drive' icon and the amount of free space will be displayed at the bottom of the window.

Remember that we offer further help individually by e-mail. If you have a problem with TalkWorld e-mail us here. When e-mailing us tell us the exact problem, when it occurs and as much detail about your computer as possible (e.g. the make of your sound and graphics cards, the amount of RAM you have and the speed of your processor. You can find all of this out by double clicking on 'My computer' then double click on 'Control panel' and finally double click on the 'System' icon.) This will allow us to respond accurately.

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