TalkWorld Program Options

TalkWorld includes various user configurable options that you can alter to suit to taste. To Access these click on the 'options' menu and then select 'program.' This screen should load up.

TalkWorlds program options screen.

Console options allow you to change the colour of the text window. The example text will show you what your choices will look like. The scroll to new text option will cause TalkWorld to move the text area down to any new messages that come in if you have scrolled up to reread some text that you received earlier.

Speed options will alter how fast TalkWorld runs on your P.C. If you have a less powerful machine then you can these to keep TalkWorld smooth at the expense of it's appearance. If you turn the draw distance down you will not be able to see as far into the distance but becuase of this TalkWorld will run much faster. Turning off semi-transparency will stop you being able to see through windows and again will speed TalkWorld up.

Speech data is simply to choose whether speech (not text) that you send or receive is sent directly between your P.C. and the person you are sending to / receiving froms P.C. or sent to / from that person via the TalkWorld server. Normally you should leave these switched off but if you are having difficulty talking ot listening to a particular user try switching them on.

These options will take affect immediatly and will be saved when you log off.

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