Sound in TalkWorld

To physically speak to the other players you will need to have a microphone and speakers plugged into your sound card.

At a basic level speaking to another user is easy, simply click and hold down the button on the microphone icon in the top right of the TalkWorld window and speak. Whilst you are holding down the microphone icon TalkWorld will record from your microphone and when you release the microphone icon it will send whatever it recorded to the other users. The number of users who will hear your speech is set in the same way as text, by using the 'shout to world', 'Talk to area' or 'Whisper to' icons.

If you have problems with the speech or sound effects then you may need to alter TalkWorlds sound options. To accsess these click on the 'options' menu and choose ‘sound optionsE You should see the window below. From here you can edit how your copy of TalkWorld will use your microphone and also set up your volume levels.

Note that in the 'sound options' screen anything you say out loud will be played back only to you and not to other users so you can check your whether your sound setup is working properly by speaking on this screen.

The sound options screen.

Probably the most important option on this screen is the 'Automatic recording' check box. If you put a tick mark in here then once you exit the sound options screen you will not have to click on the microphone icon if you want to talk, instead TalkWorld will automatically detect when you are speaking and start and stop recording as it needs to. If you decide to use this option then the recording threshold is used to set the point at which your microphone activates. If you are in a noisy environment or are using an extremely sensitive microphone then you will need to turn the recording threshold up in order to stop the microphone broadcasting background noise to the other users. You can also alter the sensitivity bar if your microphone is picking up sounds like your breathing.

The 'Sound effects' and 'Speech volume' bars are simply for you to alter volume levels to suit your taste and the 'Enable sound' check box will stop all sound from TalkWorld if you remove the check from it.

The 'Speech playback' bar is for you to set how many seconds of incoming speech your computer will store in it’s memory ‘bufferEbefore it passes it onto your sound card. For the smoothest speech you should keep this set as low as possible, this will let you speak to someone at the same speed as holding a conversation on a telephone. On slower computers or if there is a lot of Internet traffic then you may need to turn this setting up. This will cause TalkWorld to store up a few seconds of incoming speech before releasing it to your sound card. This may cause a slight delay in the speed of the speech arriving but it will sound clear and unbroken when it does. You will only really need to alter this setting if the speech sounds muffled or ‘choppy,Etry adjusting the slider upwards until you hit an acceptable level.

The 'Full duplex sound card' box is there to show whether your sound card is 100% full duplex. Many cards claim to be full duplex but are not. Note that this is not an option and you cannot change it, TalkWorld will automatically detect it when it starts up.

Now you can talk to the users exactly as you would type a message to them, simply select who you wish to speak to and talk into your microphone. If they are unregistered or do not have a microphone of their own then they will be able to hear you speaking but will not be able to reply by speech, they will have to use the keyboard as normal to reply. You should NOT be able to hear your own speech played back to you as you talk. If it is being played back see the update below.

Update - It has come to our attention that some users have found setting up the microphone for speaking in TalkWorld to be difficult. Once it has been done TalkWorld remembers your setup but getting it working the first time can be tricky. The problem is that everyone has different Windows 95 sound settings and these affect TalkWorld. If you have tried using a microphone in TalkWorld but cannot get it to broadcast sound then please follow these steps through.

  1. Move your mouse down to the bottom right of your Windows task bar and right click on the small, yellow speaker icon.
  2. Click on 'volume controls.'
  3. Click on 'options' and make sure 'advanced controls' has a tick next to it.
  4. Now click on 'properties.'
  5. In the window below where it says 'Show the following volume controls' scroll down and make sure that there is a check in the 'microphone' box. Now click 'OK.'
  6. Now the microphone options should be on the right of the volume control. Make sure there is a check in the 'mute microphone' box.
  7. Next click on 'options' and 'properties' again.
  8. Where it says 'Adjust volume for' click on 'Recording.' Make sure there is a tick in the 'microphone' box and click 'OK.'
  9. The Microphone box on the right should have a tick in it. Check this.
  10. Now click on 'options' and click 'exit.' This procedure should clear up any problems with TalkWorlds speech, if you are still having difficulties contact us directly by e-mail here.

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