Interacting With other users

When you find another user move the mouse pointer over them and their name will pop up. Now you're ready to talk to them.

There are three modes of talking to other users by using text. If you want to talk to the people around you click on the 'talk to area' icon, this will send anything you type to the people in your immediate area. Another way of talking to other users is the 'shout to world' icon. This will broadcast whatever you type to everyone on TalkWorld! This can be useful if things are quiet when you logon but if TalkWorld is busy you may find that people become annoyed if you shout a lot. The final choice for talking using text is to whisper. Whispering is how you talk privately to another user. If you click on the 'whisper to' icon then click on the character you want to whisper to then only that person will receive anything you type until you cancel the whisper mode by clicking on either the 'talk to area' or 'shout to world' icons.

As well as communicating by text you can use a microphone to speak to other users, this is explained later.

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