Exploring TalkWorld

The world. TalkWorld is a small town or village which is divided up into several 'areas' such as the Church area or the Tavern area. When you start you may or may not be able to see other users in front of you. Don't worry if you can't see anyone else, TalkWorld can take a while to explore thoroughly on foot so we've included the 'who?' buttons to save you time.
There are three 'who?' buttons on the bar above the main view screen, 'world who?' 'area who?' and 'whisper list.' The world and area who buttons simply list all of the users in the whole of TalkWorld or only users in your immediate area respectively.
The whisper list is a listing of all the users you have selected to hear you when you whisper something (see below.)

To start with click on the 'world who?' button and a window with the name of all the users that are currently online will appear.

Exploring TalkWorld. Now you know who else is in the world with you it's time to meet them. To move around in TalkWorld you can either use the mouse or the cursor keys. If you are going to use keys then the four cursor keys correspond to the direction you will move. You can tell your character to run so that you move more quickly by holding down the shift key. If you wish to use the mouse to move then as long as the mouse pointer is over the main view screen you will see an arrow pointing in a direction. Holding down the left button will make you move in that direction until you let go. The further from the centre of the view screen the pointer is when you hold down the button the faster you will move. Experiment moving yourself around, if you want to enter a door simply walk up to it and go through.

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